Friday, September 17, 2010

raya datang lagi

family mak ude

my beloved family

family busu

3 family nie je yang ade mase pagi raya..sedih kan kan kan..kalu tak ramai lagi yang ade sebenarnyer...diorang dtg lambat..tahun nie amik dlm uma...nak tahu kenapa?? sebab kat luar atas persetujuan ramai,,,kitorang amik gambar dengan mengguna kan kerusi antik mak ude aku punyer...hahahaha... :))

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Who am I ? Such a simple question ; such a profoundly dificult one to answer . I could tell you that my name is HAJAR , but that would only be my caller name . I suppose must start by telling you what I am . I am a human being like anybody else . As such , I have several distinctive and inseparable parts . There is my physical side ; namely my body with all its many tangible parts . This is not really me , through on this side of the great veil I couldn't survive without it . You may as well say that this body is merely a suit that houses the real me . But who is the real me ? I have no perfect answer for that question . I'm here to defining myself . First of all , I live in Johor Bahru , Johor , Malaysia . One of capital city in South-East Asean Continent . I was born on 30/06/1990 in PERAK , Malaysia . I am such a wild and excitable teenager . My parents always worried about me and often giving me an advise , but they never succeeded in changing me . I refused to obey them and I am rarely followed any orders that they gave me . But that shit doesn't mean that I am bad son . I love them for sure . I just wanted to be free so I listened to only myself . I have my own life , so , then I ruled my life . I was not bored or unhappy during my life . People can amuse themselves very easily , and in my imagination , I lived in an exciting life , full of mystery and interest . All that thing have make my live colourful . But in real world , the days were always such the same , woke up and went to bed , walk and running everywhere , anywhere , hang out and do what I must do . I can say that my life was kinda bored , but I just try my best to make my day more happy and meaningful . I was the kind of person who liked to give orders , not to take them . I always wanted to win every game , every fight , and to be the first in everything . For other information , I am totally simple life person , but I'm F**K to whom that judge me before they know who I am . For those who are hating me , just back off and move on from me . I always pretend to be myself . That is definitely sure . Never thinking to be the same like others . I just want to be myself . And I more prefer to be friendly than be an enemy . Because an enemy is a nonsense and a kind of rubbish . I am maybe just like other teenagers in this world , music is the major part in my life . Any type of music that can make myself calm and happy were my pleasure . Because of that , my hearing was excellent . I could hear things perfectly , things in this world, and neither thing in hell nor heaven. Unbeliveable ? Just believe it ! Cheerz ~